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Jayce Bartok and Katya Campbell in "Laugh It Up, Stare It Down." Credit Richard Termine

Laugh It Up, Stare It Down by Alan Hruska

The producer of this play, still running at The Cherry Lane, called me up and asked me to come see it. She said it even had a nice review in The New York Times! ... I went last Tuesday night, and enjoyed playwright Alan Hruska's romp through a couple's lifetime together. The lead actors play four different ages, which can be a real challenge, but Jayce Bartok as Joe, and Katya Campbell as Cleo, managed it with great charm. Two other actors play a variety of humorous characters in the couple's life. It is a fun (and funny) journey that this writer has his couple go through. The play is running through October 10th, and if you want a frizzante evening at the theater, go see it!