Our invoices/licenses include a W-9 form. If you need one in advance of placing an order, it may be downloaded here: W-9 Form - Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

Yes, absolutely. Just be aware that purchase of ePlays or other downloadable items must be done by credit card or PayPal. If your order also contains books or performance-rights applications for which you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, check, or using a purchase order number, then you should split the items up into two orders. Only one payment method may be used per order.

Book purchases and performance-rights applications must be submitted through the website. We do not take telephone, faxed, or emailed orders. If this presents any difficulties for you, by all means Contact Us, and we'll find a solution for you.
ePlays are available in PDF format. The PDF format is (nearly) universally accessible on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. PDFs can also be read with a wide variety of software. When you purchase an ePlay, your personal customer information is indelibly stamped onto every page. The stamp verifies your purchase and, in lieu of overcomplicated digital-rights-management schemes, serves as a simple and user-friendly countermeasure to unlawful distribution.
You may download your ePlays or other downloadable files, such as artwork or music, from either the confirmation page following checkout, from your confirmation email, or from your My Account page at any time. Download links remain valid for one month from date of purchase, and you are permitted to download ePlays and other downloadable files to up to five different computers or devices, on which you should open the files locally going forward.
Orders on your My Account page will indicate an order status. Most order statuses, for example Cancelled and Refunded, are self-explanatory. The most common order statuses that are not necessarily self-evident have the following meanings. If you have a question about your order status, Contact Us.

  • On Hold: the order is awaiting submission of payment by check or bank transfer, or submission of a purchase order number before the order can be processed.
  • Processing: the order payment has been received, and the order is being processed.
  • Dropship: the order is currently being fulfilled, and shipment information will follow.
  • Processed: the order has been shipped.
  • Pending Box Office: the order is awaiting submission of a summary Box Office Statement and Final Payment, if any is due, following close of the production. See Payments page.
  • Completed: the order has been fully paid and completed.
  • In Default: either payment has not been made and is overdue or a summary Box Office Statement and Final Payment, if any is due, have not been submitted and are overdue. See Payments page.
  • In Collections: either payment has not been made or a summary Box Office Statement and Final Payment, if any is due, have not been submitted, and the order has been turned over to our collections agency.