Professional or Nonprofessional Rights
For professional or nonprofessional performance rights, there are three easy steps:

  1. Review the Restrictions page to ensure that your intended production will not conflict with a restriction.
  2. Review the Payments page to familiarize yourself with a) the Advance Payment and b) the summary Box Office Statement submission requirement.
  3. Apply for the rights on the Performance Rights page.
Following payment of the Advance, your licensed production will appear within one business day on the Upcoming Productions page. Note that the links above may be found in this order under the Performance Rights item on the main menu.

Competition Rights
For competition performance rights, proceed directly to the Performance Rights page to complete and submit your application. Note that competitions with a duration of five minutes or under do not require a performance license. For competitions with a duration of greater than five minutes, a performance license is required.

Touring Rights
For touring rights for three venues or more, proceed directly to the special Tour Application.