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A Light Lunch

A R Gurney
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A LIGHT LUNCH is a post-Bush cautionary tale about the price paid for legacy. When a young lawyer from Texas invites a literary agent for lunch in a New York City restaurant, more than a production is on the table.

Production Info

Cast: 4 total (2 female, 2 male)
Full Length Comedy (about 80 minutes)
Single Set
Contemporary Costumes

Press Quotes

“The gentlemanly playwright A R Gurney casually tosses his own metaphorical shoe … in the direction of our departing president in his latest politically minded play, A LIGHT LUNCH. Mr Gurney take[s] jovial, self-deprecating jabs at his own foibles, and the follies of the theater business too.” —Charles Isherwood, New York Times

“A R Gurney’s jokey new play, A LIGHT LUNCH, is refreshingly unlike most contempo American political theater. Plenty of laughs, and no shortage of fun moments between the performers. It’s a “Lunch” worth chewing over!” —Variety

“Gurney has fun mocking theatrical conventions …” —Backstage

“A R Gurney’s tasty new play … A LIGHT LUNCH, his latest work about our soon-to-be ex-President, is a model of political theater. The beauty of it is that its politics and its theater could not be more inextricably bound. Exquisitely self-aware, A LIGHT LUNCH uses the theater — and self-deprecating comments about A R Gurney himself — to make serio-comic points about George Bush throughout the play … The emphasis of the production … is on the text of Gurney’s play, which is where the focus rightly belongs.” —Barbara & Scott Siegel,

About the Author


  • A R Gurney

    A R ("Pete") Gurney's work has been produced in New York at Lincoln Center, Manhattan Theater Club, Playwrights Horizons, and Primary Stages. Among his plays are THE DINING ROOM, THE COCKTAIL HOUR, LOVE LETTERS, SYLVIA, FAR EAST, THE FOURTH WALL, and BIG BILL. Four of his more political plays — O JERUSALEM, MRS FARNSWORTH, SCREEN PLAY, and POST MORTEM — have been produced at the Flea Theater in Tribeca. Gurney also wrote several published novels, as well as the libretto for Michael Torke's opera Strawberry Fields, presented by the New York City Opera. A former Professor of Literature at M I T, he was elected in 2005 to the Theater Hall of Fame and in 2006 to The American Academy of Arts and Letters. He passed away in June 2017. Audio Interview [audioplayer file="//" titles="Leonard Lopate Interviews A R Gurney" artists="" bg="434343"]

About the Book

Book Information

Publisher BPPI
Publication Date 3/1/2009
Pages 80
ISBN 9780881454383

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Special Notes

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World premiere by The Flea Theater, New York

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A Light Lunch is produced
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