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More Lies About Jerzy

Davey Holmes
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MORE LIES ABOUT JERZY explores the life of a celebrated Polish writer, who comes under fire when the veracity of his award-winning Holocaust memoir is questioned. A startling meditation on art, truth, celebrity, and the artist’s responsibility to his subjects and himself.

Production Info

Cast: 7 total (2 female, 5 male, doubling)
Full Length Drama (about 120 minutes)
Minimal Set Requirements
Contemporary Costumes

Press Quotes

“What is the line between artistic license and fabrication? When does a writer’s use of another person’s experience and words cross the line from inspiration and help to appropriation? Why do any of us reinvent events in our lives? To explore and connect these issues, Davey Holmes has written an entertaining drama about a Polish émigré writer named Jerzy Lesnewski. He couldn’t have chosen a better central character than this thinly disguised version of Jerzy Kosinski, the Polish émigré writer and celebrity … What makes MORE LIES ABOUT JERZY more than an easily recognizable biodrama, is that it borrows not just incidents from the real Jerzy’s life but follows his pattern of not bothering to stick too closely to autobiographical dates and details … Everything is compressed into a single year, 1972. Some of the characters are forged from real people and events in Kosinski’s life, but never exactly; others are inventions. The playwright’s Kosinski-like blending of fact and fiction is evident in the leading player’s name — the first part the same as the role model’s, the surname sounding enough like Kosinski to feel like the real thing. The title puts the audience on notice that the play they will see may be the truth or ‘more lies.’ Whether linked closely or loosely to reality, the key characters bring us a little closer to understanding our own occasional need to edit our histories.” —CurtainUp

“Holmes’ deft drama is a fictionalized look at a man who falls from grace for fictionalizing his own life — a neat meta-theatrical exercise that examines the sometimes cannibalistic nature of creativity.” —Los Angeles Times

“Holmes has written a deeply resonant play that works on the level of psychological drama. It features an engagingly complicated plot in which the discovery of facts, as well as the discovery of character, imbue the text with subtlety and style.” —

About the Author


  • Davey Holmes

    Davey Holmes has written for television shows including In Treatment for which he won a writers Guild of America Award for Best Screenplay - New Series, Damages for which he received a nomination for Writers Guild of America Award for Best Screenplay - New Series, Pushing Daisies, 3 lbs, and Law & Order. He is a supervising producer and writer on Chicago Code. He is also known for his work on Shameless. Davey began his writing career in New York City with a production of his original play MORE LIES ABOUT JERZY at Vineyard Theatre starring Jared Harris, and later productions of the play in London at the New End Theatre and in Los Angeles at the Hyworth Theatre starring Jack Stehlin. More Lies About Jerzy is published by Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

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Book Information

Publisher BPPI
Publication Date 11/9/2018
Pages 76
ISBN 9780881456479

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Special Notes

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