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Morticians in Love

Christi Stewart-Brown
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A very black and hilarious comedy about love in Lydia’s Eternal Acres Funeral Home, which is enlivened by two amorous morticians and a couple of really attractive corpses.

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Cast: 5 total (3 female, 2 male, 1 male and 1 female are corpses)
Full Length Dark Comedy (about 100 minutes)
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Press Quotes

“In the midst of death, there is life and love — sacred, profane, unrequited and almost always dysfunctional — in Christi Stewart-Brown’s very black, five-character comedy (counting two corpses). Scarcely fare for the squeamish, with its excursions into heterosexual and homosexual couplings among the living and dead, the play … nonetheless comes off as a caustic, funny, sharp-eyed and skillfully performed autopsy on the difficulties of love … MORTICIANS IN LOVE may be morbid, but it has a heart.” —Lawrence van Gelder, The New York Times

“… a morbid, pervy, and very funny farce … Sure, it’s strange, but strangely touching too.” —Joe Brown, The Washington Post

“What relationship is more tender and romantic than the one between a shy, sensitive female mortuary owner and a handsome, buffed, naked corpse? Christi Stewart-Brown’s charmingly morbid comedy is so cheerful and upbeat, you’ll hardly believe that you’re watching a play about bisexual necrophilia.” —Paul Birchall, Back Stage West

“I would like to add two names to my (rather short) list of favorite people. One is Christi Stewart-Brown, an East Coast playwright whose works include THREE MORE SISTERS, STEAK! THE MUSICAL, DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN, and now MORTICIANS IN LOVE. She should make it on the strength of the names of her plays — the fact that she’s a brilliant wordsmith only solidifies her place there … MORTICIANS is a simple enough idea: the tender story of first love between two devout necrophiliacs. Now, the idea itself gets a laugh, but what’s a pleasure is that Stewart-Brown follows through and creates characters, dialogue, and stagings that are a real joy to watch. It’s so depressing to see ingenious ideas or plots wasted by paper-thin characters, or to watch great characters ruined by dumb dialogue. MORTICIANS scores on all counts, following up a great idea with solid writing.” —Matthew Richter, The Stranger (Seattle)

About the Author


  • Christi Stewart-Brown

    Christi Stewart-Brown has had over 45 productions of her plays across the U.S., in Canada, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Stewart-Brown is a four-time Helen Hayes Award nominee and her plays include: MORTICIANS IN LOVE, which ran Off-Broadway in 1995 at the Perry Street Theatre, THE GENE POOL, THREE MORE SISTERS, SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, FULL OF GRACE, STEAK! (co-author), a country-western musical about cattle-rustling vegetarians, and DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN, which was made into a film entitled Loungers. Loungers, directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster's Ball, The Kite Runner, World War Z), was featured at the 1996 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where it won the Audience Award and placed second for the Jury Award. Stewart-Brown has also written a work of young adult fiction, entitled Kin.

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Publisher BPPI
Publication Date 10/10/2017
Pages 66
ISBN 9780881457315

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Special Notes

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MORTICIANS IN LOVE premiered at Woolly Mammoth Theatre
in Washington, D.C. on April 10, 1992

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Morticians in Love is produced
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