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Mud Blue Sky

Marisa Wegrzyn
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A high school pot dealer abandons his prom night to crash the hotel-room reunion of three flight attendants (all old enough to be his mother). Booze is poured, herb is smoked, the room blurs, and futures, careers, and kindness snap sharply into focus. Keep your seat belt fastened as you’re certain to experience turbulence in Marisa Wegrzyn’s profoundly compassionate and fiercely witty play.

Production Info

Cast: 4 total (3 female, 1 male)
Full Length Comedy (about 100 minutes)
Single Set
Contemporary Costumes
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Press Quotes

“Exceedingly funny … poignant and closely observed … These St. Louis–based flight attendants are very much products of the new airline realities … They are 50-ish veterans hoping to stay healthy and stave off the latest round of layoffs with their early retirement packages that get crummier with every offering. They stay in a lousy motel, the kind of place where the cable could not be more basic, you don’t want to touch the remote control with your bare hands and you have to go down to the desk to get your pillows. And they don’t find travel even remotely glamorous, not when there’s a kid at home alone and an overly solicitous TSA officer at every airport. These are women dealing with the daily grind through the hubs of life; there are themes in this play to which every road warrior, of the nonexecutive platinum sort, will relate. Which is not to say they don’t have a little fun … If you want to get all meta (and why not?), you might say that Wegrzyn is taking the idea of the stewardess on a layover, long a staple of the bedroom farce, and throwing her into a totally different kind of hotel with a totally different, and barely legal, potential lover and fellow adventurer. That theme gives this happily unpredictable 90-minute play a real patina of sadness, a sense of how a once-glamorous profession has been reduced to the quotidian by changing mores and corporate budget-cutters … there’s no funnier show in Chicago.” —Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

“There was a time when air travel was considered glamorous, but then, there was a time when baseball fans wore suits and hats to Wrigley Field (the past truly is a foreign country). The three veteran flight attendants at the center of Marisa Wegrzyn’s MUD BLUE SKY … bear little resemblance to the Pan Am stewardesses of the old days, with their fashionable uniforms and youthful air of freedom and adventure. Wegrzyn’s characters are lower-middle-class grunts at the mercy of cash-strapped airlines and rude passengers who leave unspeakable messes in the lavatory. Whereas the job may have once provided fresh opportunities for women — as long as they fit a certain mold — this play’s trio seem convinced they’re headed nowhere … Wegrzyn deftly blends comedy and despair as the characters attempt to cut loose — pot, porn, and cognac are involved — and forget that each of them is staring down a future that’s either uncertain, uninspiring, or both … The play is a funny and forgiving argument in favor of making human connections, however brief or tenuous.” —Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader

“A wonderful show … spot-on comic dialogue and loads of heart and compassion. And, of course, more laughs than any other show now playing in Chicago … easily one of the best shows of 2014 — it’s therapy for a cold rainy spring with all those laughs.” —Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

“Marisa Wegrzyn’s bitterly funny comedy jets us into the grim reality of life as a flight attendant today. Forget all thoughts of luxury lounges and sophisticated banter. The mile-high crowd has gone to hell in this sharply observed 95-minute farce with poignant existential — and economic — overtones … soars in its regional premiere.” —Karen D’Souza, The Mercury News

“There’s a moment in the high-flying comedy MUD BLUE SKY where the roar of an airplane overhead drowns out conversation. Wait until it passes, one character urges, which is an apt metaphor for the turbulence they all travel through in Marisa Wegrzyn’s hilarious new piece … filled with quirky humor, eccentric people, sharp wit and a touch of mystery.” —Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“A beautiful story about scraping by.” —Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

About the Author


  • Marisa Wegrzyn

    Marisa Wegrzyn has had plays produced in Chicago at Steppenwolf Theatre, A Red Orchid Theatre, Theatre Seven of Chicago, Rivendell, and Chicago Dramatists; in New York Off-Broadway at Second Stage and Kef Theatre; regionally at CenterStage Baltimore, Moxie Theatre San Diego, Victory Theatre Center Los Angeles, and Hot City Theatre St Louis. She has been commissioned by Steppenwolf (twice), Yale Repertory Theatre, and Theatre Seven. She is a founding member of Theatre Seven in Chicago and is currently writing for TV (Goliath, Amazon) while continuing her work in theater around the country.

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Publisher BPPI
Publication Date 5/16/2018
Pages 84
ISBN 9780881457759

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Special Notes

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Production Stills

Production Stills

Mud Blue Sky 1

Mierka Girten, Kirsten Fitzgerald, Natalie West, and Matt Farabee in the A Red Orchid Theatre production of MUD BLUE SKY. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

Mud Blue Sky 2

Kirsten Fitzgerald and Natalie West. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

Mud Blue Sky 3

Natalie West and Matt Farabee. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

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Glen Ellyn, IL

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