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Book — Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy

Annie Jump is a 13-year-old science genius whose alien-obsessed father is the laughingstock of Strawberry, KS. One night in August, a meteor falls, and Annie meets Althea, an intergalactic supercomputer that manifests itself in the form of a mean girl with really great hair. Althea's here to help Annie take humanity from the earth to the stars, but being the Chosen One isn't all glory. What is Althea hiding? And what will Annie have to sacrifice to fulfill her destiny? A play for all audiences about finding your place in the universe and intelligent life in your neighborhood.

Book — Fight Girl Battle World by Qui Nguyen

The sci-fi spectacular FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD blends stage combat, puppetry, and multi-media to create a uniquely cinematic experience for the live stage.

Book — Last Ship to Proxima Centauri by Greg Lam

The Earth has become uninhabitable. The last escape ship from Earth (Seattle, to be exact) arrives to its new home planet centuries after all the others. The pilots are not prepared for what they find there. LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI asks us to examine 21st-century America through the lens of futurist neo-colonialism, 2,000 years after the end of Must See TV.

Book — Resident Alien by Stuart Spencer

A comedy about Michael, a Kierkegaard-quoting intellectual in small town Wisconsin, who doesn't know what to do about the “AWOL alien busboy” who has decided to spend his shoreleave in Michael's living room watching reality TV and eating Cheese Doodles. Will the real alien please stand up?

Book — Starstruck by Elaine Lee with Susan Norfleet Lee and Dale Place

Star Trek and Star Wars step aside, because women are in command in this fantastic vision of the future. An epic space opera.

Acting Edition — Tales of the Lost Formicans by Constance Congdon

This witty and passionate play explores the story of a man with Alzheimer’s and at the same time turns into “a travel guide to Middle America conducted by aliens from outer space.” The play has a wonderful comic sensibility, but this is a chillingly painful play addressing postmodern society’s collective nervous breakdown.

Acting Edition — Them Within Us by Todd David Gross

A romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist. Troubled lovers, Roger and Susan, visit rural Vermont to work on their relationship. Possession by aliens was not on their list of problems … until they got there.


Aliens, intergalatic travel, and a future 2,000 years from the present, this selection of sci-fi titles will take you on journeys beyond the stars.

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Press Quotes


“A masterpiece of deft, taut, economical writing. Hardy introduces, defines and develops characters with laser-like precision, creating sympathetic, likable folks the audience can’t help caring about and a fast-moving and engaging story with a good dose of humor.” ⁠—⁠Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Showrunners take note. Hardy … takes the best elements of contemporary cultural references, social media, and pop science and turns them into something more than the sum of those parts ⁠—⁠ an out-of-this-world, all-ages celebration of nerdiness, empowerment, and love.” ⁠—⁠DC Theatre Scene

“An adventure that takes you to the very edge of existence and back … An intimate story about the potential that lies in all of us… you’ll find yourself stargazing.” ⁠—⁠, DC

“The cool thing about Hardy’s script is how it falls in the in-between. The journey of Annie Jump would mean as much to a teen as it would a grown-up, and we need more theater like that. ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN aims to bridge the gap in theater-going age groups and link up fresh, youthful audiences to that mysterious, perhaps-undiscovered universe of the stage.” ⁠—⁠, MKE

“… positively jaw-dropping … It’s not often that science fiction makes it to a local stage. Thanks to Hardy and Renaissance, the genre is ushered to the Broadway Theatre Center with wonder, respect and a great deal of genuine emotion.” ⁠—⁠The Small Stage

“Playwright Reina Hardy writes with economy and authority. She is an excellent storyteller who has the audience rooting for Annie and her father throughout the production … A show like this doesn’t come along all that often.” ⁠—⁠


“FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD, the latest lark by the proudly lowbrow Vampire Cowboys Theater Company … The playwright, Qui Nguyen, clearly knows his Star Wars, and while he has given his story a more topical update ⁠—⁠ environmental disaster and imperialism play a role ⁠—⁠ he has really nailed the stilted, jargon-rich style of writing that the saga’s creator, George Lucas, is famous for. FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD dispenses with the hipster distance and indulges the embarrassing passion of an obsessed fan … It’s theater for sci-fi nerds …” ⁠—⁠Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

“From the refreshingly off-kilter collective known as the Vampire Cowboys Theater Company comes FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD, an action-packed sci-fi saga that blends punch-ups and parody into one delicious mix. Set in a futuristic universe (surprise, surprise) where humanity is nearly non-existent, FIGHT GIRL revolves around E-V, a hardnosed prizefighter and the last known female human in the galaxy …” ⁠—⁠Tom Fay, Show Business Weekly

“… Qui Nguyen’s script is dotted with spiky humor and … politically tinged jokes …” ⁠—⁠Ron Cohen, Backstage


“Mr Spock likely would have raised an eyebrow and proclaimed [this] play ‘fascinating.’ LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI zips issues of immigration, race, gender, ethnicity, genetics, demographics, history, politics and economics, to name just a few, into space suits for a dark comedy set in a not-so-appealing future. There’s definitely a lot to think about in this highly imaginative and sometimes quite biting work. The titular ship is one of several launched on a mission to save thousands of humans from a planet Earth that’s no longer inhabitable. Rotating crews, who are otherwise suspended in a life-extending ‘stasis,’ take the con as millennia pass. After an unexpected delay, the last ship gets a signal from planet Proxima Centauri, and the two on-duty crew members celebrate madly. Not so fast. In author Lam’s Clauder Competition–winning creation, the current inhabitants of the planet have several rather probing questions they’d like to ask before their ‘committee’ decides if the new arrivals will be welcomed. For example, why is this ship from America populated mostly by privileged white people while the new world of Proxima Centauri is in the hands of people who came from more diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds? Who takes on the role of ‘outsiders’ in this new world? The planetary tables have been turned. But is the new order on Proxima any better? The author relentlessly pulls on these threads while the action of a hard landing on a distant planet plays out.” ⁠—⁠Steve Feeny, Portland Press Herald

“… Greg Lam’s dark-comic sci-fi drama LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI. A Clauder Competition winner, this [is a] pointed and very entertaining show … Like all good science fiction, LAST SHIP provides a fantasy world of cultural inversions and alternatives, the better for us to consider our own reality. In this case, Lam gives us an opportunity to rethink American culture by watching what happens when white Euro-Americans show up as refugees in a society that wasn’t settled by white people, a society whose historical memory of white America includes some Frasier but a lot more colonialist violence. LAST SHIP channels classic sci-fi tropes to pose challenging questions about race, immigration ethics and politics, the legacy of hegemony, and the plasticity of historical narrative … In his storytelling, Lam deepens these genre hijinks with his rich world-building of the new planet, which is multicultural…but definitely not utopian ⁠—⁠ kind of like Hawaii under the rule of Chairman Mao … LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI continues the sci-fi tradition of letting the last frontier take us back, however uncomfortably, to our own home ⁠—⁠ to seeing how it might look from a distance, and from the outside.” ⁠—⁠Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix


“It’s not often you see a space alien in orange Converses and a Wisconsin K-mart employee expound upon Kierkegaard in the woods. RESIDENT ALIEN, a comedy by Stuart Spencer, is filled with such surprisingly funny scenes. RESIDENT ALIEN is hilarious … the dialogue is snappy with lots of local flavor, and the characters interact well with each other … this show is both heart-warming and delightful. The best part of this show is not the kooky humor, and it’s not the Fargo-ish Wisconsin accents. What makes RESIDENT ALIEN so exceptional is that it manages to reveal a number of insights about intelligence, culture and a sense of belonging without being too obvious about it.” ⁠—⁠Jenny Sandman, Louisville Eccentric Observer

“RESIDENT ALIEN is a sweet and quirky comedy set in an anonymous small town in northeastern Wisconsin … It’s the characters that set RESIDENT ALIEN apart from television fodder. They are interesting, likeable and cut just enough against stereotype to be refreshingly funny … Additional humor is found in small town insularity. Most of the characters, who are approaching middle age, are still playing out grudges and slights from their adolescent years.” ⁠—⁠Damien Jones, Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee


“If not the best new play of recent years, surely this is the most imaginative. Constance Congdon’s brilliant Off-Broadway script wryly deflects the story of a man with Alzheimer’s disease into a travel guide to Middle America conducted by aliens.” ⁠—⁠William Henry III, Time

“Constance Congdon’s TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS is a treat in so many ways ⁠—⁠ starting with its deliciously wry title … you shouldn’t miss it: Congdon is a new voice, and her innumerable small triumphs are achieved with a freshness of spirit, with a humor and charm so distinctively individual, that one just wants to hear more and more from her … Congdon’s aliens are a fluidly shifting metaphor for her own complex relation to the subject of her drama, a lower-middle suburban family coping with three generations’ worth of stress simultaneously …” ⁠—⁠Michael Feingold, Village Voice

“… a savagely uncompromising play of searching insights, biting wit and all too recognizable home truths … There are laughs, wit and humor, but this is a chillingly painful play. Congdon is a terrific playwright with sure command of language and her subject …” ⁠—⁠Polly Warfield, Drama-Logue

“Congdon’s writing creates dialogue that crackles with wit, imagination and incisive passion …” ⁠—⁠A J Esta, Drama-Logue


“Susan and Roger, a cohabitating couple with questions about the future of their relationship, have come to visit Susan’s younger brother. Tommy, an impulsive recovering drug addict, and his companion Sarah, an older woman and no-nonsense believer in the restorative powers of the natural life … Susan and Roger’s bodies have been inhabited by Dee and Enn, a loving extraterrestrial couple whose exploration of the universe has temporarily trapped them on Earth … The earthly characters switch back and forth between personas as each one becomes attracted to the other, and they learn something about caring for each other from the examples of Dee and Enn before everything is sorted out.” ⁠—⁠Michael Sander, Drama-Logue

About the Authors


  • Reina Hardy

    Reina Hardy is a playwright. Her plays, which usually contain magic and sometimes contain science, have been seen across the country, including at Rorschach Theatre in DC, the Vortex in Austin, and the NNPN National New Play Showcase. She's a Michener Fellow, winner of the KCACTF TYA Prize, finalist for the Terrence McNally Prize and the recipient of an Interact 20/20 Commission. She can make things happen with her mind.

  • Qui Nguyen

    Qui Nguyen is a playwright, screenwriter, and Co-Founder of the Obie Award–winning Vampire Cowboys of NYC. His work, known for its innovative use of pop-culture, stage violence, puppetry, and multimedia, has been lauded as "Culturally Savvy Comedy" by The New York Times, "Infectious Fun" by Variety, and "Tour De Force Theatre" by Time Out New York. The Chicago Tribune praised him as a "refreshing, break-the-rules writer" as Time Out Chicago named his play SHE KILLS MONSTERS one of the 10 Best Plays of 2013. Scripts include WAR IS F**KING AWESOME; SHE KILLS MONSTERS (The Flea); KRUNK FU BATTLE BATTLE (East West Players); BIKE WRECK (Ensemble Studio Theatre); TRIAL BY WATER (Ma-Yi Theater); ALIENS VERSUS CHEERLEADERS (Keen Teens); SOUL SAMURAI; THE INEXPLICABLE REDEMPTION OF AGENT G (Ma-Yi Theater & Vampire Cowboys); LUSH VALLEY (HERE); and the critically acclaimed Vampire Cowboys productions of ALICE IN SLASHERLAND; FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD; MEN OF STEEL; and LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK. His scripts are published by Samuel French, Playscripts, and Broadway Play Publishing. Recent honors include being a 2014 Sundance Institute/Time Warner Fellow; a 2014 McCarter/Sallie B. Goodman Fellow; a 2013 Sundance Theatre Lab Fellow; a recipient of a 2013 AATE Distinguished Play Award (She Kills Monsters); a 2012 TCG Young Leader of Color; and receiving 2012 & 2009 GLAAD Media Award nominations for his plays SHE KILLS MONSTERS and SOUL SAMURAI. He is a proud resident artist at New Dramatists, a core member of The Playwrights' Center, an alumnus of Youngblood, and a member of Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Ma-Yi Writers Lab, and the Keen Company New Play Lab. His company, Vampire Cowboys, often credited for being the pioneers of "geek theatre," holds the unique distinction of being the first professional theatre organization to be officially sponsored by NY Comic Con. They've been praised by The Village Voice as "New York's Best Army of Geeks" and are currently in-residence at The New Ohio Theater and IRT.

  • Greg Lam

    Greg Lam is a playwright, screenwriter, and board game designer who lives in the Bay Area. He is the co-founder of the Asian-American Playwright Collective and a member of The Pulp Stage Writer's Room and the Pear Theatre's Playwright Guild. His full-length epic LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI premiered digitally at Kitchen Dog Theater in March 2021 and onstage at Portland Stage Co. in March 2022 after winning the Clauder Competition. His full-length play REPOSSESSED received its world premiere at Theatre Conspiracy in 2018. His serial play series TREACHERY ISLAND will premiere at The Pulp Stage in 2022. In 2019, he was named a fellow in the Dramatic Arts by the Mass Cultural Council and the inaugural Pao Fellow of the Company One PlayLab. Greg was a member of the 2016 Company One PlayLab Unit for the development of Boston area playwrights. His works have been produced by Company One, Fresh Ink Theatre, Pork Filled Productions, The Depot, The Boston Theatre Marathon, Open Theatre Project, Post Meridian Radio Theatre, Other World Theatre Paragon Festival, theatre@first, Navigators Theater, Fantastic.Z, Project Y, The Hive Collective, Culture Park, Silverthorne Theatre, The Pulp Stage, Ixion Theatre Ensemble, Eagle and Beaver Ensemble, 4th Street Theatre, Midwest Dramatists Conference, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Tiny Theatre, Pear Theatre, Wishing Wind Creations, Revolution Shakespeare, The Best of All Possible Podcast, Baldwin Wallace University, and others. In 2021 he curated a 39 play series called Sci-Fi Summer Shorts by Tiny Theatre. You can see works of his that have been filmed at Greg writes, largely, full-length epics which combine grinding moral quandaries with science fiction, short plays that are comic romps, and one-minute plays which are incredibly depressing. Greg is the co-creator of the "Boston Podcast Players" podcast ( Boston's virtual podcast stage for new works by local playwrights.

  • Stuart Spencer

    Stuart Spencer is the author of numerous plays that have been produced both in New York at the Ensemble Studio Theatre and around the country. His play RESIDENT ALIEN was produced at the Humana Festival of New Plays, and has since had numerous productions at many regional theatres, including the Milwaukee Rep and Florida's Hippodrome Theatre. RESIDENT ALIEN is published by Broadway Play Publishing. His play ALABASTER CITY was commissioned by South Coast Rep and his one-act BLUE STARS is published in the Best American Short Plays of 1993 – 94. As an undergraduate, his play THE GOLDEN ROSE was designated "Best Play" at the American College Theatre Festival. His book on the art of playwriting, The Playwright's Guidebook, was published in 2002 by Farrar Straus & Giroux under the Faber and Faber imprint. Edward Albee calls the book "indispensable" and David Lindsay-Abaire (FUDDY MEERS) says that the book "charts a straightforward course through the knotty and twisting wilds of playwriting. If you want to be a playwright, here's your bible." The book is currently in its second printing. As a screenwriter, he has been commissioned to write films for actor/director Campbell Scott and for director George Camarda. He has written the screenplay version of Resident Alien for Langley Productions in Los Angeles. Stuart currently teaches playwriting, dramaturgy, dramatic literature, and theatre history at Sarah Lawrence College. In the past he has taught at New York University, Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, The New School for Social Research, SUNY/Purchase, the Ensemble Studio Theatre Institute for Professional Training, and The Young Playwrights Festival program, which brings the art of playwriting into New York's inner city schools. He has served as a theatre and film editor of Bomb Magazine, a quarterly magazine that publishes writing and art by, and interviews with, contemporary artists. His interview subjects include Robert Schenkkan, Campbell Scott, Joyce Carol Oates, John Ford Noonan, and Horton Foote. Stuart has held positions in the story editing department of CBS Films and the literary department of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, where he served as Literary Manager for two years. In this latter capacity he helped to discover and cultivate new American writers and their plays, supervised and served as dramaturg for an ongoing series of readings, workshops, and major productions of the theatre, and moderated the Playwrights Unit that included, at the time, such notable writers as Eduardo Machado and John Patrick Shanley. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Ensemble Studio Theatre.

  • Elaine Lee

    In 1976, Elaine Lee fled eastern North Carolina, taking refuge on the Isle of Manhattan. She landed acting work almost immediately, and in 1980, was nominated for an Emmy for her role on NBC-TV's The Doctors. With a group of young actors, she formed Wild Hair Productions and began co-writing plays with her sister, Susan Norfleet, including BRIEF CASES and THE CONTAMINATION OF THE KOKOMO LOUNGE. While working on the science fiction play, STARSTRUCK (Broadway Play Publishing), Ms. Lee met renowned fantasy artist, Michael Kaluta, and was lured out of television, into the exciting and much less profitable world of comic books! Specializing in sci-fi, fantasy and horror comics, Elaine is best known as the writer/creator of Vamps (with artist William Simpson, for DC/Vertigo) and Starstruck (with artist Michael Kaluta, for Heavy Metal, Marvel and Dark Horse). Lee and Kaluta subsequently produced a Starstruck spin-off, The Galactic Girl Guides, for Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine (Comico). Elaine created and wrote the sci-fi series BrainBanx (with artist Jason Temujin Minor, DC/Helix), as well as The Transmutation of Ike Garuda (with artist, James Sherman for Marvel/Epic). Some of her other comics work includes Saint Sinner (with Max Douglas, Clive Barker/Marvel), The Steeltown Rockers (with Steve Leialoha, Marvel), Ragman: Cry of the Dead (Gabriel Morrisette, DC Comics), Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny (with Will Simpson & Dan Spiegle, Dark Horse), and scripted a Prince Valiant mini-series (with Charles Vess & John Ridgeway, Marvel Comics). Ms. Lee's short SF stories have appeared in the magazines Heavy Metal, Eclipse, Epic Illustrated, and Taboo. Her collections of spicy science fiction stories, Skin Tight Orbit, Vols. I & II (NBM), and the trade paperback of the original Vamps, can be found in book stores and comic shops. Vamps and Starstruck, have been translated into numerous languages, from Norwegian to Brazilian Portuguese. From 1995 – 2000, Elaine wrote story, characters, game events and a series bible for the computer role-playing game Secret of the Black Onyx (Blue Planet Software) and served as director of motion capture for that project. From 1997 – 2001, Elaine helped to develop, then served as head writer for the CGI cartoon series, Stevie Stardust (Stardust Entertainment/Hallmark Entertainment). During 1999, Ms. Lee and her sister, Susan Norfleet, scripted episodes for the animated series Troll Tales (A-Film). In 2001, Lee sold a story/pilot for a virtual reality thriller (Firewalls) to Stardust Entertainment. Under the name Georgia Sullivan, she and her sister penned the humorous self-help book, Porch Dogs, published in 2004. From 2006 – 2008, Elaine developed and wrote animation scripts for Niolan, a Belgian company creating kids' cartoons for the European market. Elaine produced new material for a 13-issue series of the digitally remastered Starstruck, with all new painted color by Lee Moyer (IDW, 2009-2010). The critically acclaimed series includes new pages of art, never before published Galactic Girl Guide stories and special features. An 8"x12", 360-page hardback collection of the series, Starstruck Deluxe Edition, was released in March 2011, and is now available on Amazon. Her audio adaptation of the original play Starstruck was released by The AudioComics Company (Oct 2010) to universally positive reviews and is available as a 2-DC set, or as MP3 downloads from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Audible. Elaine's short story "Mischief" appears in the anthology Chicks in Capes, from Moonstone Books. The last issue of her comic mini-series Murder on Mars, based on 1960s blonde bombshell pulp detective Honey West, is about to be released. And keep an ear out for Lee's audio play, commissioned by the National Audio Theatre Festivals, TransMars Tango, starring Philip Proctor, of Firesign Theatre fame! Currently a producer with The AudioComics Company, Elaine is busy turning her Honey West series into a script for an audio movie. She's also chipping away on a fantasy novel, The Soulfire Gate, and is working with her son, Brennan Lee Mulligan, on an undisclosed project. Elaine and her musician husband, Richmond Johnston, live in upstate New York and are the parents of three incredible sons and a black cat named Rupert. Residents of the Hudson Valley may have seen articles by Elaine in InsideOUT, The Blue Stone Press, Ulster County Press and The Weekender.

  • Susan Norfleet Lee

    Susan Norfleet Lee (also Susan Norfleet), an actress and stand-up comedian who works under the name Susan Norfleet, has made appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, as well as Comic Strip Live, Evening at the Improv, The Rosie O'Donnel Show, The A List, V H 1's Stand-Up Live and Jonathan Winters' and Elayne's Boosler's Showtime specials. In 1994, she was featured on Bob Hope's Young Comedians special. On the concert circuit, she has opened for noted musical talents The Judds, Peter Allen, Sheena Easton and k d Lang. Her film roles include parts in the movies Reality Bites, Josh and S.A.M. and Jerry Maguire. On television, Susan has appeared on The Golden Girls, Designing Women,

  • Dale Place

    Dale Place resides in the Boston area and makes his living as an actor in New England and regional theatre. He may also be seen (sometimes briefly) in the films The Fighter, The Proposal, Gone Baby Gone, and What's Your Number? He and his wife enjoy traveling to Europe frequently. Dale found trying to be imaginative enough to write a play such a humbling experience that he has never attempted it again.

  • Constance Congdon

    Constance Congdon has been called "one of the best playwrights our country and our language has ever produced" by playwright Tony Kushner in Kushner's introduction to her collection TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS AND OTHER PLAYS. In addition to TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS, which has had more than 200 productions worldwide, Congdon's plays include: CASANOVA, DOG OPERA, NO MERCY, LOSING FATHER'S BODY, LIPS and NATIVE AMERICAN. PARADISE STREET, was produced in Los Angeles and Amherst. Three commissions from the American Conservatory Theater: A MOTHER, starring Olympia Dukakis, a new verse version of THE MISANTHROPE, and a new adaptation of THE IMAGINARY INVALID, were all produced by ACT. Also at ACT: MOONTEL SIX, a commission by the ACT Young Conservatory and subsequently performed at London's National Theatre, followed by another production of the two-act version at San Francisco's ZEUM. THE AUTOMATA PIETÀ, another YC commission, received its world premiere at San Francisco's Magic Theatre in 2002; NIGHTINGALES went to the Theatre Royale Bath's Youth Theatre. Congdon's NO MERCY, and its companion piece, ONE DAY EARLIER, were part of the 2000 season devoted to Congdon at the Profile Theatre. She has written a number of opera libretti and seven plays for the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis. THE CHILDREN OF THE ELVI, Congdon's epic and NOT suitable for children, play received its premiere at the Key City Public Theater in 2007. Congdon's plays have been produced throughout the world, including Cairo, Tokyo and Berlin. Her new verse version of TARTUFFE is in a single-volume Norton Critical edition and in the Norton Anthology of Drama. In 2013, Congdon was the Honored Playwright at the GPTC and had a fully-staged workshop of her play about the water crisis in the West, TAKE ME TO THE RIVER. Her recent play HAIR OF THE DOG is about Shakespeare and Marlowe. Her most recent play, ENEMY SKY, is about drones, Islamaphobia, and late-in-life love. Congdon has received three NEA grants, two Rockefeller grants (one for Bellagio), an Albert Sloan grants for TAKE ME TO THE RIVER, The Berilla Kerr Award, Helen Merrill Award, The Albert Weissberger Award, New York Newsday's Oppenheimer Award for Best New Play in NYC, New England Theater Conference Award for Distinguished Service to the Theater (2004), two Great Plains Theater Conference Awards, one for Distinguished Service to the Theater and the other as the 2013 Honored Playwright. She is an alumnus of New Dramatists, The Playwright's Center of Minneapolis, and a current member of The Dramatists Guild and PEN. Congdon has taught playwriting at the Yale School of Drama, but her home is as playwright-in-residence at Amherst College where she has taught playwriting for 25 years. Her work is published by Norton, TCG, Inc, but mostly by Broadway Play Publishing.

  • Todd David Gross

    Todd David Gross has had an extensive background in music, and is a veteran of such rock groups as The Burning Sensations, The Band Next Door, and The Shout! He has written several short stories and a novel entitled The Bear Went Over the Mountain. His science fiction trilogy, collectively entitled Loy, which is about a race of beings who are the ancestors of the two alien characters in THEM ... WITHIN US is about to be published. His other plays include THE VISIT, LIFE IN THE PARK, and SENSE MEMORY, which have been seen at Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Greenhouse Theatre.